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Cruise Jobs is a must do for people who love new adventures, love being around other people a lot. There is a large range of positions available on board cruise ships. A love of the sea, not so necessary nowadays with ships that have stabilisers and you get all kinds of goodies to use for seasickness. Cell phones/mobiles can come in very handy when you are away at sea for great lengths of time, something you constantly use.

Imagine visiting all those exotic locations around the world.  The thought of experiencing it all in your free time whilst getting paid for being there. Meeting all those different people and getting to know the cultures from all over, what an education thrown in as well. Or simply spend a afternoon at the beach in the Caribbean or another exotic place like say in Corsica.

There are a large range of positions available doing cruise jobs on cruise ships, there will always be a need for people. Especially with the boom in the cruise lines bringing out these mega cruise ships like the Royal Caribbean one due out later 2009 the Oasis of the Seas, check out the website of RCL for more information on this. The big cruise ships are like big floating resorts, so they need all kinds of people from ice skaters for the ice shows to childminders, the list goes on, see some below as well.

Your living conditions are pretty good, you generally share a cabin, unless you are an officer or in a senior position. Meals are free on board, there is even crew bars, a store to buy necessary toiletries or snacks. the bigger ships have a lot of relaxation areas for crew, staff an officers.
So all in all its a wonderful experience you will take with you for the rest of your life. Making great friends, going to exotic places.  To find more about cruise jobs you can look at some of the websites for the cruise lines.
A few of the positions on board with cruise jobs:
-Cruise Staff, Casino Cashier,  Social Hostess, Gift Shop Assistant, Shore Excursion Staff, Bar  Staff, Receptionist (Front Desk), IT, Photographer, Cocktail Server, Videographer, Guest Speaker.
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Cruise Jobs


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